Introducting the New  Look of the Midwest Pain Society!


The Influence Behind Our New Look 

The fresh new image of the Midwest Pain Society, highlights our mission;
     -  Educate patients and caregivers on new and evidenced-based pain strategies,
     - Advocate for those who do not have a voice 
     - Support and disseminate research-based interventions that highlight the excellent work being done in the Midwest. 

- The “dot” 
  The dot in the corner of the logo represents Midwest Pain Society as the “place to stop”:  A nexus where the busy and concerned pain care professional can find community, timely learning,    
opportunities for involvement and advocacy, research collaboration, and communication. 

- Our "tagline" "A Multidisciplinary Society of Professionals" 
Indicates our unique role and leadership in the field of pain management which encompasses a team approach required to provide superior care to this complex patient population. 

Hear from some Visual Branding Team members

Videos Coming Soon!!!

A message from our Society President - Dr. J. Bruce Hillenberg, Ph.D., ABPP